I currently sell a small selection of my HDR photography over on Displate.com. I love how the cooked contrast and vibrancy pop on a metal surface, the images just seem to work better compared to traditional canvas. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate a good poster print or glossy archival, it just all depends on the¬†type of image I’m working with. I get asked if I’ll ever upload new galleries to Displate, or offer poster prints or framed & signed gifts etc… and the short answer? Maybe one day ūüôā For 2018, I’m working on expanding my website, adding new galleries from archived image sets, and enjoying thinking up new projects to go and shoot.

Frequently Asked Questions

I love your images & texts, do you sell books?

No. I tried, but it’s an expensive minefield and I’m a poor artist. I may try again in a few years.

When buying a metal print, do I deal with you or Displate?

Displate. If you’d like a traditional ink print for framing you’ll need to get in touch with me directly.

Can I buy a traditional format print? (i.e. not metal)

You can, yes! But I don’t use online services to automate the process, so you’ll need to email me direct on info@barnabyjacoskinner.com¬†with your request. Most, if not all, of my images on this site have a title, so that’s a good place to start. Pricing differs by size and material.

Sometimes your images look blown on my monitor??

Note. TLDR РImages on this website that appear to exhibit a loss of colour, banding in the sky, or have a slightly posterized effect have been produced within the 100% sRGB colour gamut, and as such utilise a very wide range of colour tones. Your screen probably does not show this same wide colour range, hence the loss of information.

All my images are produced using professional Nikon cameras and professional computer equipment. A major part of the post-production happens on a very high-end computer monitor, one that is capable of displaying more colours that we can humanly see. We call this 100% sRGB/Adobe RGB, usually IPS, and it enables me to push the limits of the images, enabling bright whites, deep blacks, and a rainbow of hues in-between. Think of the sales images you see on the 8k TVs at the super store. The problem is your mobile, tablet, or laptop screen almost certainly can’t replicate this, and in fact at most¬†might display 70% of the sRGB/Adobe RGB colour tonal ranges (the standard¬†MacBook Air, for example, shows 65% sRGB). This isn’t so much a problem for 99% of my images, but if you do see any banding or mottled colours in the negative spaces please consider viewing my website on a better monitor.

Will you upload more images soon?

For sure! I have a plan to upload more HDR and artwork-based images in 2018 to Displate. I really like my current ‘View to a chill’ HDR displate collection, so will probably look to expand that first before working on my next collection. Speaking of which, it’ll probably be black and white, some of which are already sitting in Displate just waiting for my attention.

I like your texts, can I have them printed on the back when I buy an image?

No. But not because I don’t want you to, because you’ll never see it. Instead, I usually print any long associated text/s on cartridge paper which can be framed alongside the image if required. The only time I print text under the image is for custom print requests and exhibitions.

“Inspirational images…”

“Beautiful photos and breathtaking moments”

“We all do photos, but you say so much more with your stories than I can”

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