In 2017, I had the privilege of covering the Vienna Pride march with over 130 diplomats representing 30 counties in the centre of Vienna. It was the first time in Pride history that diplomats congregated en-mass with the procession.

Fishing For The Masses

Fishing For The Masses Gracefully paddling behind the wooden fishing boat, a jet-black cormorant chases the smell of dinner across a motionless lake in the depths of Yunnan. The fishermen occasionally hurl fresh fish into the water for encouragement. It doesn't need...

Bespoke photo-walk around Vienna

A Photo Walk Around ViennaRecently I had a great days' photo-walk around Vienna with two prosumer 'toggers from Columbus, Ohio. We spent the day working our way around Vienna from the Belvedere to the Oper, on to canal side and a quick hop over to Praterstern before...

Vienna Pride 2017

Vienna Pride 2017I recently had the privilege of walking the Vienna Pride march with over 130 diplomats representing 30 counties right here in Vienna. It was the first time in Vienna Pride history that diplomats congregated en-mass with the procession and the public...

Katerina Joumana

KATERINA JOUMANAKaterina Joumana has been a staple of the oriental dance scene in central Europe for some time now; a ballet prodigy at an early age, Katerina combined these classical steps with a traditional form of oriental belly dance and began her career...

Competition winner for The People’s Daily

Competition winner (for the People's Daily National Chinese newspaper) First place in a China-wide competition run by The People's Daily; 'The Long Walk' - a lone man walking along an active railway track in Tianjin. Shot with a Nikon D4 and Nikkor 70 - 200mm f2.8 out...

IST donates food to Auntie R’s dog sanctuary

IST donates food (and love) to Auntie R's Dog Shelter Accompanying the International School of Tianjin back to Auntie R's Dog Sanctuary was a perfect moment of people coming together to help those in need. Organised as a community drive, IST collected food, blankets,...

The Westin Hotels and Resorts

The WestinFacilities imagemart for locally distributed advertising & marketing campaigns. Some samples of the day's shoot include the gym, pool, nail bar, spa, and restaurant. Starwood produce their own assets for global distribution, so this small offering was...

Competition winner with the Foreign Expert Bureau

Competition winner (for the Foreign Expert Bureau)First place in a China-wide competition run by the government's Foreign Expert Bureau; an early-start capture of the St Regis and river-side buildings along the Hai He in downtown...

Emma Lee Moss

Emma Lee MossEmma Lee Moss, also known by her stage name Emmy The Great. Photo shoot for the China Daily European Edition. 

TA Events Airsoft Military Simulation

Airsoft Military SimulationPistols drawn, we patrol and clear building after building, recent signs of the enemy litter concrete structures, smouldering embers and empty Red Bull cans, charred smoke canisters and hundreds of rounds left after intense firefights, but...


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