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For four years I lived and worked in Tianjin, northern China. Part of my day job was to help build a portfolio designed to create a sense of place within Tianjin; exploring and exposing the complexities of a modern day Chinese city. At times I even worked with the municipal government, carting my gear around in all kinds of transportation from push bikes to double-decker buses, as we toured and explored both the traditional and modern. This was one of those time in life when I’ll look back in 20 years and think ‘damn, now that was living life to the max.’ This page samples just a fraction of the images I took, you can see more over in the 10img galleries for China.

All images copyright Barnaby Jaco Skinner & FEB

The Grand Theatre

Just. So. Incredibly. Big.

The St Regis

Starwood’s premier hotel reflecting in the Hai He river.

Ancient Culture

Tianjin’s historical landmarks.

The St Regis at Night

A good place for a quiet coffee.

The Future

An elderly couple walk the circular route around Tianjin’s grand theatre, stopping to reflect on what once was.

Red Bull

Two Red Bull atheletes take a break from performing at Tianjin’s Happy Vally theme park.

A Blue Umbrella

The unveiling of Tianjin’s lastest glass-paneled mega-structure; the natural history musem. Complete with dinosaurs.


Korean Hotpot

Never let it be said that the Chinese don’t like foreign food.

Street Life

Classic China still exists outside Tianjin’s ring road, but it’s getting smaller every day.

Qi Hi Lai

Day trippers visit the wetlands north east of Tianjin city.

Generational Divides

A fiercly popular topic amoungst Chinese netizens.

A Taste of the West

None of the entourage were meant to be there.

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