As a professional photographer I’ve worked in schools, hotels, government, and for the press, and while a lot of my work has been in Asia, I actually started out in Brighton, on the south coast of England, way back in 1991.

Most of my work goes straight to the client, so you won’t see much of it on this website. As I work around the world, however, I shoot travel, portraits, reportage, and HDR especially for books that I publish myself, and, as I’m sure you’ve guessed, you can find information on these projects here.  I’ve authored and self-published six coffee-table books focusing on artistic travel imagery with creative writing and hope to re-release all six on Amazon sometime in the future. As part of the ongoing effort I have held exhibitions in the UK and Asia, and also teach digital photography workshops with a subtle emphasis on the art behind the science.

  • Joumana
  • Vienna Pride
    Vienna Pride
  • PRC Foreign Expert Bureau
    PRC Foreign Expert Bureau
  • International School of Tianjin
    International School of Tianjin
  • The Westin Hotels and Resorts
    The Westin Hotels and Resorts
  • Alex Moulton
    Alex Moulton
  • The Dragon Wakes
    The Dragon Wakes
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