#Local & national media/academia/commissioned projects

“Barnaby Jaco Skinner works as a professional photographer and artist whilst masquerading as a publications and print consultant in his spare time, of which, he states, there is very little. Barney has worked within the discipline for over 20 years and maintains a diverse portfolio on and offline. He is accredited by both United Kingdom and international photographic bodies and holds regular exhibitions of his work both home and abroad.

Educated in the south-east of England, Barney completed a B.A. in Archaeology before turning to the publishing arena in London, all the while continuing a photographic journey through life as a photographer and artist in equal measures. Barney also works with international schools and academic institutions from Asia to Africa and regularly consults with the local media. He has won numerous photographic awards within Asia and beyond and currently lives in Vienna with his wife and their beloved dog, Indie. When not working Barney enjoys practicing Mindfulness, cooking Asian¬†catastrophes, watching Netflix on repeat, and reading Christopher Moore novels.”

(Yeah, I know that’s placeholder text, I’ll write something interesting at some point, promise.)

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