Ten years travelling light – An image collection

Photographic Exhibition



Four Corners of China – Three generations of change – Two Battered Nikons – One Photographer

Photographic Exhibition

Tianjin May 2015 – Brighton July 2015 – Vienna September 2015

10 discrete images sets composed of over 50 original award-winning pictures, a modern collection depicting all four corners of the People’s Republic of China. Covering topics from ancient history through industrialization and the environment, this exhibition aims to educate as well as amaze. With a core message of ‘where too next?’ The Dragon Wakes assembles an introduction to the people, landscapes, government strongholds and secret backstreets of this Asian powerhouse.

This exhibition toured three countries and created a fantastic opportunity to introduce the PRC to a new generation of travellers and artisits. Heartfelt thanks to The Tianjin Municipal Government, Starwood hotels, Pottersideomas, The Fishing Quarter Gallery,, and my ever positive wife, Catherine Bartram.

Barnaby Jaco Skinner

Photographer & Artist


An ode to Technicolor

Photographic Exhibition

Tianjin 2012

Browsing the library one day as a bored teenager I stumbled across an article on Technicolor, the founding production process with which we created the first colour film reels in the 1900s. Color fundamentally changes the way we understand and empathise with images; just as black and white offers a dramatic edge so does colour enrich our world with visual scents. For the first time in history we had the opportunity to view pseudo-realistic moving images; no more black and white but life-like recordings. It was a medium the international communtiy could identify with, opening fresh dialog and igniting what we consider modern entertainment today. Interestingly the Technicolor process used a limited number of dyes to color the film; just blue and red. This process design imbued images with an obvious bias towards a specific visual finish almost utilitarian in design…

Barnaby Jaco Skinner

Photographer & Artist


A Photographer’s Blog Limited Edition Print


As I work, travel and live I find catharsis in creation, it’s an itch that needs scratching on a daily basis. Throughout life I’ve witnessed some truly amazing human interactions around the world; some with each other, some with nature, some just by themselves and I’ve even managed to capture some of these moments on camera. I started creating photographic jornals in a protest against the digital take-over; to create something tangiable is immeasurably more satisfying than watching images slide around on a screen. It still is.

In 2018 I’ll finish the fifth in a series of my photographic journals and hope to move on to the others as the years pass. I don’t sell my books in shops or online, the capatalist entities that control Print on Demand ensure the financial reward for such endevours favours their pockets and not the artists interests. Instead, I personally run-off limited batches of each book to sell face-to-face, wherever I might be at the time.

If you’d like to be notified when the time comes to print the next APB journal, please put your name on the list and I’ll be in touch. They’re not cheap, but they are unique.

Barnaby Jaco Skinner

Photographer & Artist


Winning competiion entries in the People’s Republic of China 2012 – 2015

Photographic Exhibition

Tianjin 2014

People’s Republic of China nationwide winner in two consective national photographic competitions. Competition subject ranged from travel and tourism to foriegn perspectives, with all winner’s work placed on display in various government institutions. Following, I held an exhibition of my images plus additonal work I shot for the Westin Hotel in Tianjin.

Barnaby Jaco Skinner

Photographer & Artist


Photographer & Artist

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