We are a global nation, alone and unique on this desolate ball of iron we call home. We all feel, we all live, we all die. We cower behind a universal fa├žade of words and images to protect our inner-most truths, imbue extravagant trains of thought with subcontext that sparks fires yet douses flames. We chant whispers of utopian paradise fuelled by silent greed and Blue Chip behemoths, yet from the depths of humanity compassion runs deep as we all travel this road together.
Grow inner strength, nurture your creative spirit, cement your will to change. Tread paths new, pursue a quest for meaning outside the entrenched and traditional, pioneer alternative routes. Believe in yourself.
Think bigger, think better, work together. Share data, don’t sell it. Connect with the unknown. Watch and perfect.┬áListen and learn until the end of your time. To live on this earth is to play a singular part in a universal equation. Don’t waste your time here, your discovery may just change history.

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