Imaging Ethiopia’s Borana Zone with CST Ethiopia

Multi-faceted humanitarian project in southern Ethiopia lead by CST-Ethiopia and sponsored by DFID through UKAID. I was invited to help guide the gathering of audio interviews with programme participants and to build an image repository of completed humanitarian support projects. CST-Ethiopia, in a cooperative with the regional government, are laying essential frameworks and planting processes with many of the most remote village clusters to combat drought, starvation, gender equality, and poor education.

Borana zone is situated in southern Ethiopia and is home to the ethnic Oromo, a fiercly independent people with deep-seated beliefs and deeper divides. Whilst the northern climes of Borana zone bears the fruit of a thriving avocado and coffee economy, the southern desert offers very little. A harsh and tough existence, the southern lowlands of Borana are rife with recurring drought and a starving populace. With the added complexities of bordering Somalia to the east, hundreds of miles of border land off-limits due to the presence of potential terrorist settlements, this zone is in desperate need of humanitarian support.

The photographic samples below are copyrighted by CST-Ethiopia. All rights reserved, no unauthorised use. You can read more about the essential development work currently underway in Ethiopia by CST-Ethiopia over on their websites – CAFOD, SCIAF, and Trocaire.