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||| Imaging Aid Work in Ethiopia’s Borena Zone


Multifaceted humanitarian framework rollout in southern Ethiopia. This CST Ethiopia-led project embeds essential systems and processes in many of the most remote village clusters to combat drought, hunger, gender inequality, and educational poverty.

Ethiopia’s Borana zone is situated in the southern lowlands of Ethiopia and is home to the ethnic Oromo, a fiercely independent people with deep-seated beliefs and deeper divides. Whilst the wetter northern climes of Oromia bears the fruit of a thriving avocado and coffee economy, the southern lowlands offer little – a harsh and tough existence, the deserted landscape is home to recurring drought and an often-starved populace. With the added complexities of bordering Somaliland to the east, Borena Zone neighbours thousands of miles of land off-limits to non-front line humanitarian aid due to social instability. Whilst it may seem prudent for NGOs to avoid working in these areas, without their knowledge, experience, and networks many families and communities would be without power, water, food, and an education.

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