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Jets of murky water shoot three stories high, rhythmic cascading arcs swirling from the centre of a circular lake towards the outer edges. Eager crowds gather at the water side to catch a glimpse of the aquatic ensemble, jumping back at the last minute to avoid inopportune showering. A central column of blue-grey water explodes skywards birthing a majestic effervescent rainbow foaming in the sun. Each movement is timed to perfection and accompanied by an orchestral medley bleeding out hidden loudspeakers, classical power ballads ejecting from industrial woofers hidden all over Yinhe square. Through the lingering spray and mist stand Tianjin’s hulking monolithic Grand Theatre, an architectural masterpiece in concrete design housing not only a 3600 seat theatre but a state of the art concert house, too.

Creating a a sense of place within Tianjin; exploring and exposing the complexities of a modern day Chinese city. In partnership with the municipal government.

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