A Photo Walk Around Vienna

I recently had a great days’ photo-walk around Vienna with two prosumer ‘toggers from Columbus, Ohio. We spent the day working our way around Vienna from the Belvedere to the Oper, on to canal side and a quick hop over to Praterstern before returning to Karlsplatz.

As is usual on my walks, we talked shop for most of the day, discussing the pros and cons of camera modes, lens choice, FX vs DX, post-production techniques, DSLR vs mirrorless, the murky world of intellectual property disputes and when, and why, we should all exhibit confidence in our photographic abilities no matter the level. We picked a few topics to help concentrate our days shooting and covered some basic HDR tutorials, too. We shot the classic Hapsburg architecture and managed to cover the core landmarks whilst shooting from pre-set locales and also discussed how we might shoot from different angles with alternative lighting.

A frequent topic during this walk was ‘how much is too much’ with regards to post-production, and, as usual, we all had slightly different ideas; however, we did all agree that it generally depends on the purpose of the image. I come from a strong family line of artists and as such imbue my HDR images with more artistic finesse than, say, a self-confessed photographic purist. But on a commercial shoot? It’s all about planning and team-work to get the image the client wants.

The great thing about a photo-walk over a workshop is that we have time to talk, discuss, argue, listen, laugh, eat and shoot ALL DAY, even if it was chilly in late November! I love workshops, seeing the look on someone’s face when they finally understand the difference between a wide and shallow depth of field is reward in itself, but photo-walks enable me to notch up the gears and really explore the locale with a fresh pair of eyes.


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