Fear Hate Love Faith


Barnaby Jaco Skinner - Fear Hate Love Faith

Fear is

Tormented by possibilities, obsessed by design.
Troubled by truth, possessed by lies.
Anxiety reigns.
A jolt, a rapid drop, the uneasy realignment to a vacant void.
Worlds shudder as noises erupt from unseen realms, the stench of burning flesh permeating from beyond.
Panic. Just don’t scream, don’t scream. Don’t Scream.
Trapped and encased and compressed and squashed and squeezed, there is no going back, no second chance nor change of mind. All options futile, choice irrelevant, control lost.
Fear is.

Barnaby Jaco Skinner - Fear Hate Love Faith

Hate is

Hatred sits, waiting alone in darkened corners, concealed by animus facade. Dripping, hissing, slopping, spitting.
Hatred stands, slouched and humped, dissolute and filled with rage it shuffles blindly, rejecting purpose, haunted by a time it once knew.
Hatred surges forwards, it rapes with faultless virtue, ravenous self-perpetuating anger picking and pecking, gnawing and gnarling.
Hatred consumes, unleashing godly anger it cowers behind heroic bloodlust, sneering and jeering through clouded contempt.
Breathe. Focus. Think. Harness.
Hatred stumbles, burdened with guilt and laden with sorrow, taxed with a self-realization it will never assimilate.
Hatred stands, perplexed, confused, irate, upset.
Hatred sits. Dripping, hissing, slopping, spitting. Waiting.
Hate is.

Barnaby Jaco Skinner - Fear Hate Love Faith

Love is

A deep elemental connection ignites terror in us both. A terror that gives birth to mythical nouns and magical verbs, that plays out acts reserved solely for those you longed to imitate.
This arcane force fusing us together will remain violently active whilst we grow and evolve, sing and dance, cry and cower. Our bond will remain strong whilst others’ break, we will watch them struggle, observe their downfall, witness the chaos and destruction caused by lies and jealousy and envy and lust.
But we will endure.
This deep-rooted connection can never be severed as together we are made of gold and silver and bronze, of salt and pepper, drum and bass, Bonny and Clyde, the moon, the sun, the stars, and all that exists in between. Not even the catastrophic finale of our boundless universe could separate us now.
We are one.
Love is.

Barnaby Jaco Skinner - Fear Hate Love Faith

Faith is

Faith can be found deep inside, buried beneath flaking layers of aged conditioning, hiding under gnarled blankets and upturned tables, submerged in the dark of the moon. Forever waiting, always watching.
Faith stirs when prodded. It wants to live, to dance, to sing, it desires to be unlocked, uncovered, unsheathed.
Faith is not blind courage nor unproven science, it is not magic or alchemy, nor the preachings of your gods or dogs.
Faith is not granted by anyone or anything, it is not handed down by your saviour, it cannot be won no matter the bet.
But do not fear the unknown. Have faith. Have faith in yourself, for faith, is inside you.
Learn and grow your faith, do not let it waiver, do not allow it to be stolen by tricksters, charlatans or impostors. It is yours and yours only, not for sale to the highest bidder for it is unique and priceless.
Faith is finding the confidence to believe in your abilities, your opinions, your decisions, and your mistakes.
Follow your heart, discover your faith, and your time spent on this wondrous island ambling the cosmos will be reward enough.
Faith is.

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