A Brave New World



It was a calculated mistake, this failed attempt at humanity. So fall we shall.
From heights beyond heavens we shall fall.
From peaks of vain indulgence we shall crash.
From crests of conceited obsession we shall recede.
From the pinnacle of our collective consumerism, we shall plunge.
And from the darkness, we shall not return.


A swell stirs from exiled depths.
Enveloped in an ocean of order you hunger for a chance at chaos, arms nailed to a frenzied wind, your blood drips in binary.
Vicious tidal-forces radiate from within, a volatile energy that threatens to tear down systemic consciousness, to ignite a collective eclipse.
Time pulsates to this arcane thump, chaos seizing at an unravelling horizon. Loss is inevitable.
Crescendos peak high above gated heavens, sonic-soul-fire pouring down over your pinned and beaten body. Enveloped and torn, you awake.
For that single moment, from the very essence of our infinite universe, you taste life.
And you dance.


Dark clouds dissipate as tumultuous mountains crack at shadowed seams. Cracks form chimneys, rifts to valleys, darkness recedes afraid of this new world. The Nothing has become nothing, and with it, I something.


They stare as if they understand. They too once shared it, embraced it, devoured it.
Abuse is evident here. Answering to the call of chaos, seeking the center, fueled by an addiction to push ever harder, ever further. We all succumbed, were beaten, and here we now wait, on the outside looking in.


My work is written without a typical linear temporal structure; I see value in blending past, present, and future tenses as one stream, regardless as to the context. This is not an exclusive trait throughout all my work, but a preferred creative solution to the boundaries we set ourselves. The words, however, are born from logic, and whilst many paragraphs are constructed to contain a multitude of tenses, missing conjunctions, contradictory statements, and even the occasional circular argument, I see the whole as ultimately presenting a factual, (meta)physical, evidential based scenario.

All content copyright Barnaby Jaco Skinner 2018

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