Not all those who wander are lost...

I like to walk on the left, champion the bicycle as the ultimate mode of transport, am blind without glasses, and openly admit the only chocolates I like are Maltesers. I’m also an accredited and award-winning professional photographer and a passionate digital artist. I’m not your typical social-media photographer and I’m not a celebrity, although I do have a Facebook page for special occasions. I’ve worked and lived around the world, spending most of my adult life on the run from conformity and routine; it’s a lifestyle that lends itself well to exploring this vast Earth we call home. I spent my 20s in London paying back The Man for an education that didn’t quite deliver, my thirties shooting through academic, government and press-outfits in China and Austria and am now finding a new challenge in Ethiopia, volunteering as a humanitarian photographer helping NGOs and institutions visualise projects all over the country. I’ve recently returned from Borana zone, a water-stressed region bordering Kenya.

Anyone browsing my galleries will spot I shot Nikon gear. I’ve always been comfortable using their bodies and lenses, and generally don’t stray far. I typically pack a 14-24, 50 and 70-200 if I’m venturing in to the unknown, and keep a 35 and 300 as back up. I shoot with professional grade bodies when needed and am currently really enjoying pushing the new Nikon Z6 to its limits. Roll on the Z8 & 9! I use a D850 for anything that needs extra pixels and have recently started testing out the Sigma 18-35 Art and 70-200 Sport as potential replacements for some aging Nikkor lenses. I love Nikon gear, but the competetion has got serious this last decade – no longer do Nikon rule the roost!

I use a Zoom H6 coupled to a chest harness with a couple of off-the-shelf Rode mics if I need to capture audio footage for NGO work as I shoot. I use a Nest CX triopd with a Manfrotto fluid-drag head for shooting video or when I need to sit still or a few hours. I’ve not got a drone yet as have not needed one, but it’s on the cards. I keep all my gear stashed in an old Osprey rucksack to avoid unwanted attention – I’m a professional with work to get done, attracting attention is the last thing I want to do.

This virtual place is home to some of my personal Wanderlust archives and latest HDR work and acts as a portal for business and workshop clients. My online galleries are designed to replicate the walls of a physical galleries – simple, white no-frills backdrops with text boxes and large images. The rest of this site evolves on a daily basis as and when I find inspiration. Enjoy.

(Heading quote courtesy of the legendary J.R.R. Tolkien.)


Photographer & Artist

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