Not all those who wander are lost...

I like to walk on the left, champion the bicycle as the ultimate mode of transport, am blind without glasses and openly admit the only chocolates I like are Malteasers. I guess, however, an about page should probably cover slightly more topical subjects. I’m an accredited and award-winning professional photographer, and a passionate artist. I’m not your typical social-media photographer, although I do have a Facebook page for special occasions. I love digital photography and will (probably) never shoot film again, but I do miss the excitement of waiting for images to develop. I’ve worked and lived around the world, spending most of my adult life on the run from conformity and routine; it’s a lifestyle that lends itself well to exploring this vast Earth we call home. I’m currently volunteering in Ethiopia as a humanitarian photographer, helping NGOs and institutions visualise projects all over the country.

I believe in ‘the image’, the single moment of time coalescing as you capture photons and record them to history. I believe that each image you capture should be considered the first or last, that your heart and mind should be focused on just that image at that time. I display my images as such, with an emphasis on the individual image, and then as part of a larger collection if required. I find it a struggle to balance the pros and cons that technology has bought to the photographic world. I adore digital photography yet despise how it has paved the way for photo streams of millions of images taken with no real intent or purpose. It has lead to a ravenous appetite in society which requires feeding on an almost endless basis, an appetite for content. My photography purposely aims to focus on less is more – no endless streams of images, no fake news, no monetized endorsements for cash. Just honest, thoughtful arrangements of coalescing photons.

This virtual place is home to some of my personal Wanderlust archives and latest HDR work and acts as a portal for business and workshop clients. My online galleries are designed to replicate the walls of a physical galleries – simple, white no-frills backdrops with text boxes and large images. The rest of this site evolves on a daily basis as and when I find inspiration. Enjoy.

nb. Heading quote courtesy of J R R Tolkien.


Photographer & Artist

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