I don't actually like beer


I like to walk on the left, hate talking in lifts, champion the bicycle as the ultimate mode of transport, am blind without glasses and openly admit the only chocolates I like are Malteasers. I guess, however, an about page should probably cover slightly more topical subjects. So, for what it’s worth, I’m an accredited, award-winning professional photographer and passionate artist. I’m not really a social-media-blogger photographer, although I do have a Facebook page for special occasions. I love digital photography and will (probably) never shoot film again, but I do miss the excitement of waiting for images to develop. I respect brand loyalty and am myself, currently, happy with Nikon, I just love the way their cameras feel and operate. I enjoy all types of photography and have never aimed for perfection in terms of clarity or detail, I’m much more interested in subject, story and interpretation. I not ashamed to admit I feel that those whom spend their lives reaching for ultra sharp images with the latest must-have gear, have instead missed the entire point behind great story telling. Sure, uber image quality is nice to have, but its not essential. But then again, that’s probably the artist in me 😉 I’ve worked and lived around the world, spending most of my adult life on the run from conformity and routine; it’s a lifestyle that lends itself well to exploring this vast Earth we call home. This virtual place is home to some of my personal Wanderlust archives and latest HDR work and acts as a portal for business and workshop clients. My online galleries are designed to replicate the walls of a physical galleries – simple, white no-frills backdrops with text boxes and large images. The rest of this site evolves on a daily basis as and when I find inspiration. Enjoy.


Photographer & Artist

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