||| Barnaby Jaco Skinner

I’m a professional photographer and occasional artist, sometimes those lines get blurred. I’ve been lucky enough to work for a wide variety of photographic clients from international governments, national press associations, iNGOs, travelling dance troupes, international academia, embassies, and have even covered the occasional wedding.

My humanitarian photography is straight forward with little flair, often opting to search for the voice of humanity in our global village. My wanderlust and HDR archives allow for a little more creative control, adding additional meaning through prose. Commercial pays the bills, and freelance is exactly that. I spend much of my time amongst humanitarian and academia circles in Ethiopia, helping to visualise their incredible work across the horn of Eastern Africa.

Previous photographic work and opportunities have taken me from the British Isles to China, down to Hong Kong and South East Asia, over to central Europe, and now to Africa where I live with my wife, an amazingly talented geography teacher, and our beloved teddy poodle, Indie.

I’ve always viewed the world, and to a larger extent humanity, with equal amounts of wonder and terror. Dialling in to these extremes has helped me view our world from a wide variety of perspectives and not least has humbled me in to rebalancing my own inherently privileged upbringing.

This virtual place is home to my Wanderlust archives, humanitarian work, and acts as a portal for business and freelance clients. My online galleries are designed to replicate the walls of a physical galleries – simple, white no-frills backdrops with text boxes and large images. The rest of this site evolves on a daily basis as and when I find inspiration.

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