High Dynamic Range Art

The foundations of my photographic art are firmly embedded in a world of colour, line and shape. I take inspiration artistically from the vivid graphic novels of 1980s Japan, abstract world film, off-beat scores, historical references, streams of consciousness, empathy, sexuality, humanity and solitude. Shooting a commercial image for a client is something that takes planning, years of experience and a whole lot of gear, but shooting an artistic piece from the heart is a totally different ball-game. It has to mean something more than the sum of it’s parts, it has to have a deeper purpose. Associated texts have always helped to place my images mentally, with texts taken from my travel journal entries, personal observations, historical references, personal artistic interpretations and even the occasional quotation from some of my favorite authors.



Four Corners of China - Three generations of change - Two Battered Nikons - One Photographer

10 discrete images sets composed of over 50 original award-winning pictures, a modern collection depicting China in it’s current state. Covering topics from ancient history through industrialization and the environment, this exhibition aims to educate as well as amaze. With a core message of ‘where too next?’ The Dragon Wakes assembles an introduction to the people, landscapes, government strongholds and secret backstreets of this Asian powerhouse.



A day in the life

China – A day in the life sets out to explore often under-exposed realities in the lives of the People’s Republic of China. Shot over four years (2011 to 2015) in all four corners of the global powerhouse, the subject matter edges towards portraits of the under privileged and ethnic minority, those whom are not on traditional tourist routes, with the photographer often taking inspiration from the ideology of China’s struggle through harder times and on to the global stage. Shot primarily in Beijing, Tianjin, Kashgar, Hotan, Shanghai, Shangri-La, Kunming, Hong Kong and Macau, China – A day in the life explores often sobering realities behind China’s global rise to fame, interacting with citizens whose ancestors helped galvanize a modern China, yet who rarely travel further than the borders of their home province.



From Bucharest to the Tihuţa Pass and back

Two uniformed police officers slouch at the other end of an empty first-class carriage. Diligently tapping screens they half-listen to four Hungarian ticket officers telling stories of ticket-touts and stowaways. They all laugh politely at yet another joke told by a mildly overweight aging male inspector, his glasses propped on the end of his nose as if waiting for the green-light to bungee jump. Everything is calm. Five hours into a twenty hour journey on the CFR operated train running overnight from Vienna to Bucharest, this is the Romanian Red Eye.



In the heart of Cambodia

Somewhere back on the outskirts of the jungle I crossed a desolate rail track, the civilization of the twin iron girders an eternity away now I finally hit the off road on my little 125cc scooter, Mayday. We slip and slide along a saturated muddy path, deep dark jungle either side towering two stories high, a chorus of insect chirps deafening the chug of an overworked engine.



Re-imaging a portfolio

Katerina Joumana has been a staple of the oriental dance scene in central Europe for some time now; a ballet prodigy at an early age, Katerina combined these classical steps with a traditional form of oriental belly dance and began her career showcasing this majestic form all over the world.



Artwork portfolio

Bespoke photo-walk around Vienna

Bespoke photo-walk around Vienna Recently I had a great days' photo-walk around Vienna with two prosumer 'toggers from Columbus, Ohio. They knew their way around a camera and needed a guide to show them around the city centre, taking in some of the better angles and...

Jeffery L Peterson

Jeffery L Peterson American born actor and sommerlier needed a couple new headshots for his port...Portrait Shoot Nikon D800e / Nikkor 70 - 200mm f2.8 / Natural light Vienna, Austria I'm a professional photographer and artist. I've worked and lived around the world,...

Viennese Ballet with Joumana

Viennese Ballet With JoumanaOriental dancer, Katerina Joumana, trains hard for the forthcoming season of ballet classes in central vienna. Children and adults from all walks of life arrive early for lessons from some of Austrias best teachers, if not the...

The Tool Bag

THE TOOL BAG Written 2015 & reviewed 2017. All images copyright Barnaby Jaco Skinner TLDR I talk about the products I actually use, they don't sponsor me and I get no money from them. Gear isn't everything, but let's get real, you need stuff to shoot with. 35mm f1.4...

The Romanian Redeye

The Romanian RedeyeTwo uniformed police officers slouch at the other end of the ruby-red interior first-class carriage, tapping screens diligently they half-listen to four Hungarian ticket officers telling stories of ticket-touts and stowaways. They all laugh politely...

Vienna Pride 2017

Vienna Pride 2017 I recently had the privilege of walking the Vienna Pride march with over 130 diplomats representing 30 counties right here in Vienna. It was the first time in Vienna Pride history that diplomats congregated en-mass with the procession and the public...

Salt to Amman

From Salt to Amman by foot. Accidently. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; a country universally known for Petra (the rose-stoned capital of the Nabateans) and the third Indiana Jones movie. Seasoned travelers amoung you will also associate Lawrence of Arabia, the hijaz...

Camel Spiders by night

Camel spiders by night A family of donkeys were eyyorring on the mountain side of the Wadi, fun for 10 minutes and just plain annoying for the rest of the day. Scouring ancient Broze field systems for pottery shards, flint and anything else the winter floods bought...

Travel Photography – Part 4 – Getting There

CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER Part 4 Travel / Getting there Calm and Zen-like approach to customs, good packing technique, a care-free attitude to traveling, adaptability Take it from one whose flown long haul around the world too many times; travelling...

Travel Photography – Part 3 – Respect

CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER Part 3 Learn to respect local laws, then learn when to bend them. Don’t be ignorant. Different countries have different rules regarding what you can and can’t do as you travel, let alone shoot. It is ESSENTIAL that you do...

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