"I spent two excellent weeks taking photographs in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with Barney as my teacher. We visited a variety of different places including markets, the countryside surrounding Phnom Penh, nightlife, temples and street photography. He is a creative photographer with great vision who taught me so much about methods of photography. He was also able to offer practical advice for purchasing new equipment which helped me a lot. When he was teaching me, he was always relaxed and patient, and always willing to explain things again when I didn’t understand. He showed me many different styles of photography and helped me to find my own style. He gave good feedback on my photos so that I understood how to improve. He also helped me learn to use Photoshop to improve my photos. He was always excited to teach and share his experience and knowledge. I hope I can spend some time working with him again one day." - Elena

      "I worked with Barney for around four years on a variety of projects at high-school and eventually for preparing a portfolio for university. He was very approachable, passionate and skillful in many fields, which made it very easy to collaborate with him on many occasions. In my first year at high-school in China I was totally new to photography, website design and digital editing programs. However, I learnt and gained so much from his mentoring that I am now comfortable going into a major in university that requires all the things he taught me." - Abigail

        "I have been out on field trips to take photographs a few times with Barney. He would have to be the most relaxed photographers I know. I never feel pressured to improve or to do exactly what he says. He has taught me a lot, especially when it comes to photographing things at night and on the move. He likes to listen to what you want and adapts lessons to suit your needs. He encourages you and helps you sort through photos. Gives you suggestions to help make improvements. If there is one thing I take away from Barney, it’s that you have to have a relationship with your camera before you capture something you love." - Em

          "Not only is Barney a talented photographer, but he is a truly inspiring and excellent teacher. The benefits in Barney's tuition were immediately evident in the quality of the photo's I took both during and after his tuition. His patient and supportive approach helped me gain confidence in my photography skills and encouraged me to try new techniques. I would highly recommend joining a workshop to take your skills to the next level and build your portfolio." - Sarah