The Two Moons

An Oasis In A Connected World

Twenties tones sweeten the evening air surrounding the Two Moon Hotel restaurant. Amok and Anchor set the pace for a relaxing stay in this sleepy town at the base of Bokor National Park, The Hill as it’s locally known. Retired teachers, curved Dutchmen, and renegade backpackers gel together with glue long forgotten in the cities of the West.


The morning brings with it a cacophony of tired engine splutters as eager adventurers mount their cheap steeds and head off into the early morning mists.

It’s only just light, but the beer still flows in the local bar, music spilling out across the neighborhood un-apologetically. Ex-rockers, aging hippies, millionaires and gangsters hug the bar to refill their glasses and retell tall stories to friends old and new alike. As stories go, you can’t get much taller. Vintage guitars are tonight’s topic as a once superstar drummer turned guitar mechanic recounts his hedonistic history of stardom to eager ears and full glasses. Retiring to the Two Moons Lodge next door I can still hear the laughter and gasps, the clinking of glass on wood and the sticky sweet scent of bud on the air.

A small table fan bolted to the wall provides mild relief from the heavy summer night sweats, Geckos chat happily all night about the latest gossip from Kampot and the local dog pack digs up the freshly preened garden.

This place is untouched by commercial tourism but with cruise ships on the horizon and Casinos are on the hill, an apocalypse is coming.


By bjs198