Stuck In The Mud With Bear and Ralph

Somewhere back on the outskirts of the jungle I crossed a desolate rail track, the civilization of the twin iron-girders an eternity away as I finally hit the off-road on Mayday, a jet-black 125cc scooter. We slipped along saturated muddy paths, deep dark jungle towering either side two stories high, a chorus of insect chirps deafening the chug of an overworked engine…

Baranby Jaco Skinner

Read the full story and check out my favourtie images taken from the heart of Cambodia.

Barnaby Jaco Skinner

Barnaby Jaco Skinner

Full time photographer & publications specialist

I’m a professional photographer and artist. I’ve worked and lived around the world, spending most of my adult life on the run from conformity and routine; it’s a lifestyle that lends itself well to exploring this vast Earth we call home. This virtual place is home to some of my latest work and acts as a portal for business and workshop clients.

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