Shooting Bokor

An aging concrete ‘theme park’ on the brink of something new

Nothing remains here except for the stark battered concrete shells of mansions and churches eroded by time. Surrounded by dense rain cloud, isolated from humanity, and miles from the nearest convenience store these vestiges stand proud over-watching Bokor National Park and its isolated inhabitants.

A simple road network takes adventurers from shell to shell, passing vast swatches of rain forest now cut back for the future development of three new mega-hotels, a reservoir turned boating lake, and even an Italian-style complex now offering upmarket apartments to the wealthy. Kilometer after kilometer I pass nothing but devastation and destruction on an epic scale, photographically priceless but leaving me sick to the stomach.

After an afternoon of patchy weather, memory cards full and cameras soaked to the bone, an empty gas tank leaves me free-wheeling back down the treacherous mountain pass, taking ‘the line’ all the way with little regard for the oncoming traffic, as to brake now is to walk home.

By bjs198