I’m a professional photographer and artist. I’ve worked and lived around the world, spending most of my adult life on the run from conformity and routine; it’s a lifestyle that lends itself well to exploring this vast Earth we call home. This virtual place is home to some of my latest work and acts as a portal for business and workshop clients.

My photographic work starts out as captured converging moments whilst I wander our earth, and is subsequently treated by analog and digital workflows to varying degrees. Each piece is infused with a little magic and emotion along the way and then presented via various mediums where it flourishes as an artistic expression. Or something like that anyway.

Some of my more accomplished award-winning images are displayed to the right, or you can drill down to view various projects I’m working on using the nav bar at the top of the page. Enjoy.

Barnaby Jaco Skinner

Photographer & Artist

Jeffery L Peterson

Jeffery L Peterson American born Broadway actor and Austrian sommerlier specialist needed a couple of new headshots for his port... Portrait Shoot Nikon D800e / Nikkor 70 - 200mm f2.8 / Natural light Vienna, Austria I'm a professional photographer and artist. I've...

Viennese Ballet with Joumana

Viennese Ballet With JoumanaOriental dancer, Katerina Joumana, trains hard for the forthcoming season of ballet classes in central vienna. Children and adults from all walks of life arrive early for lessons from some of Austrias best teachers, if not the...

The Tool Bag

THE TOOL BAG Written 2015 & reviewed 2017. All images copyright Barnaby Jaco Skinner TLDR I talk about the products I actually use, they don't sponsor me and I get no money from them. Gear isn't everything, but let's get real, you need stuff to shoot with. 35mm f1.4...

The Romanian Redeye

The Romanian Redeye Two uniformed police officers slouch at the other end of the ruby-red interior first-class carriage, tapping screens diligently they half-listen to four Hungarian ticket officers telling stories of ticket-touts and stowaways. They all laugh...

Vienna Pride 2017

Vienna Pride 2017 I recently had the privilege of walking the Vienna Pride march with over 130 diplomats representing 30 counties right here in Vienna. It was the first time in Vienna Pride history that diplomats congregated en-mass with the procession and the public...

Salt to Amman

From Salt to Amman by foot. Accidently. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; a country universally known for Petra (the rose-stoned capital of the Nabateans) and the third Indiana Jones movie. Seasoned travelers amoung you will also associate Lawrence of Arabia, the hijaz...

Camel Spiders by night

Camel spiders by night A family of donkeys were eyyorring on the mountain side of the Wadi, fun for 10 minutes and just plain annoying for the rest of the day. Scouring ancient Broze field systems for pottery shards, flint and anything else the winter floods bought...

Travel Photography – Part 4 – Getting There

CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER - Part 4 Travel / Getting there Calm and Zen-like approach to customs, good packing technique, a care-free attitude to traveling, adaptabilityTake it from one whose flown long haul around the world too many times; travelling...

Travel Photography – Part 3 – Respect

CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER - Part 3 Learn to respect local laws, then learn when to bend them.Don’t be ignorant. Different countries have different rules regarding what you can and can’t do as you travel, let alone shoot. It is ESSENTIAL that you do...

Travel Photography – Part 2 – Assembling your gear

CONSIDERATIONS FOR THE TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHER - Part 2 Assembling your gear / Practice using your gearIn part 1 of this 10 part series, we looked at creating two or three projects to keep us motivated and focused when traveling with a camera. But what camera might that...

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