The problem with taking you prized camera gear ‘on location’, is that sometimes, if you’re not careful (like me), you can do some serious damage to your ability to shoot. Last week I hit the slopes in the Austrian Alps, hoping to snap some photos of a friend snowboarding. Problem was, after 45 minutes…(Read More)

Having trouble seeing the fonts on Adobe Bridge when using your 4k+ monitor? Using Windows? Try this… Worked for me! ps. I’m not to blame is you screw up the regedit…(Read More)

For those who have been following my love affair with the TSR 30, I’ve just updated the build page with a few new caveats; Updated info regarding valve tube extenders. Updated info regarding inner tubes. I’ll be taking a few more images of the build over the next few weeks, including snaps of…(Read More)

Part 2 – Assembling your gear / Practise using your gear Gear choices, security, practise. In part 1 of this 10 part series, we looked at creating two or three projects to keep us motivated and focused when traveling with a camera. But what camera might that be? And what lens might you use? And…(Read More)

Stuck In The Mud


Stuck In The Mud With Bear and Ralph Somewhere back on the outskirts of the jungle I crossed a desolate rail track, the civilization of the twin iron girders an eternity away now I finally hit the off road on my little 125cc scooter, Mayday. We slip and slide along a saturated muddy path, deep…(Read More)

Angkor Wat


Magnificence encapsulated by hand-worked-stone Colonnades coral the time-beaten fascia of Cambodia’s most revered treasure, the faces of all-powerful Hindu gods now weathered away leaving raw stone and scaffolding in their wake. Thousands of pale white eyes look skyward for the twenty dollar silhouette cast by a dawning sun. It’s…(Read More)

Shooting Bokor


An aging concrete ‘theme park’ on the brink of something new Nothing remains here except for the stark battered concrete shells of mansions and churches eroded by time. Surrounded by dense rain cloud, isolated from humanity, and miles from the nearest convenience store these vestiges stand proud over-watching Bokor National Park and its isolated…(Read More)

Riding Shotgun


A mountain pass makes mincemeat of my gear Topping 60 and things get a little dicey as I traverse the mountain road to Bokor National Park; it’s not the speed however that upsets my balance, more so my limited attention span. In a split second I’m riding shotgun, watching the grey Tarmac and…(Read More)

The Two Moons


An Oasis In A Connected World Twenties tones sweeten the evening air surrounding the Two Moon Hotel restaurant. Amok and Anchor set the pace for a relaxing stay in this sleepy town at the base of Bokor National Park, The Hill as it’s locally known. Retired teachers, curved Dutchmen, and renegade backpackers gel together…(Read More)

Tuel Sleng


The Red Army’s violent past leaves a distinctly bloody taste in the mouth Tropical green foliage does little to hide the horror of the stark concrete prison built by the bloody hands of Pol Pot and his Red Army. You can hear the screams echo still. Wandering the levels, one finds cells divided floor…(Read More)