I recently had the privilege of walking the Vienna Pride march with over 130 diplomats representing 30 counties right here in Vienna. It was the first time in Vienna Pride history that diplomats congregated en-mass with the procession and the public response was truly phenomenal. Many thanks to the Canadian Embassy and Jonathan Sauve for inviting me along to cover the procession, and congratulations for winning first place in your category at the 2017 event! Truly inspirational. You can follow more of their adventures on #diplomatsforequality.
Website guests can download a zip file containing all web-ready watermark-free images from the day using these links: 800px or 2500px. If you would like to share the images on your choice of social media, please consider linking back my facebook page as a thank you :)  Barnaby Jaco Skinner on Facebook

Vienna Pride 2017 #diplomatsforequality attendees who wish to print individual images should not use the links above (not high resolution enough), please instead contact me via Barnaby Jaco Skinner on Facebook (please PM with the image name/s) and I can send you the high res image via Dropbox.