Re-imaging Katerina


Katerina Joumana has been a staple of the oriental dance scene in central Europe for some time now; a ballet prodigy at an early age, Katerina combined these classical steps with a traditional form of oriental belly dance and began her career showcasing this majestic form all over the world. Her dance troupe follow where she leads, performing from Moscow to Macau at state events and national parties, nowhere is too far to travel for Katerina. We met by chance, drank coffee in a busy traditional Viennese coffee house, and within twelve months had started working together to create something altogether different. The core idea behind our shoots was to avoid the expected; although a classical performer, we wanted to build Katerina a set of images inspired by her costumes, her homeland fairy tales in a nod to her Russian heritage, and above all, her fearlessness in a cut-throat industry. Her portfolio is currently comprised of twenty images captured over 12 months of shooting between 2015 and 2016 throughout Austria. More shoots are planned for 2017.

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