Four Corners of China - Three generations of change - Two Battered Nikons - One Photographer



In the heart of Cambodia

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A heavy summers rain sets in, all too soon filling the sunken stone passages to bursting. Water spills from the foreboding entrance of this stone hewn labyrinth, oppressive dark clouds dissuading the dying light from illuminating what lurks within. Dancing shadows draw a maze of black twisting tunnels blocked and barricaded by cave-ins and mutant trees. At the centre of this Tomb Raider puzzle stands a small stone carving surrounded by four passageways leading off every 90 degrees. None has a visible ending, each twisting off to oblivion and I suddenly forget which one I arrived in, they all look the same.

A child’s laugh echos momentarily somewhere with the underground maze, sound waves bounce off cold stone walls, masking an origin. Turning, I pick a tunnel and pelt down the causeway, knee deep in water following the eerie echos from behind the gloom. I trip hard on an uneven stone now unseen through the depths and stumble hard through dense wet green vines hiding a small covered opening through the thick stone wall. Out to another world I fall, the light of a mid afternoon monsoon blinding my senses. The jungle here lays heavily over the hidden red and green stone temple, a place of worship once devoted to monks and their daily routine the entire area now lays derelict and eroded by zealous Fords and would-be Angelinas. Climbing wet hewn steps I make my way up to the tree line in an attempt to get a feel for the direction back out to civilization, I’m mildly lost, and it’s started to rain again.


Shooting the Beijing Centre for Performing Arts

Four Piece HDR Photographic Collection


A stark metallic bulge emanating from behind Tienanmen, the National Center for Performing Arts could very well be an escape platform for times of alien invasions, zombie infestations or an all-out meltdown. Skirting it's circumference runs a medieval moat that stops all but the brave, or stupid, from approaching the blemish-free paneled hull. Orbiting like satellites small electric police cars wizz by, chasing would be intruders who step too close to the water's edge.


A Photographic Collection


A swell stirs from untold depths.
Enveloped in an ocean of order we hunger for a chance at chaos, arms nailed to a frenzied wind our blood drips in binary.
Relentless, focused Pounding. Answer the call.
Reality shifts.
Vicious tidal-forces radiate from within, an energy that threatens to tear down systematic consciousness, detonate ordered demise.
Time pulsates to this arcane thump, chaos seizing an unfolding horizon.
Loss is inevitable.
Crescendos peak high above the heavens, sonic soul fire pouring down over our pinned and beaten bodies. Enveloped and torn, we awake.
For that single moment, from the very essence of our infinite universe you taste life.
And you dance.


A Photographic Collection


Hell has a heart.
A place unknown to most and visited by few, this idyllic garden of Eden resides in the depths of torment and persecution.
Gated by false pride, walled by obstinance, Eden exists as an indulgent oasis for those whom used to know better.
A resting place for eternity, perhaps.


Four Piece Analog / Digital Artwork


A deep elemental connection ignites terror in us both. A terror that gives birth to mythical nouns and magical verbs, that plays out acts reserved solely for those couples you longed to follow.
This arcane force fusing us together will remain violently active while we grow and evolve, sing and dance, cry and hide. Our bond will remain while others' break, we will watch them struggle, watch their downfall, witness the chaos and destruction caused by lies and jealousy and envy and lust.
But we will endure.
This deep-rooted connection can never be severed, as together we are made of gold and silver and bronze, of salt and pepper, drum and bass, Bonny and Clyde, the moon, the sun, the stars and all that exists in between. Not even the catastrophic finale of our infinitely boundless universe could separate us now.
We are one.
Love is.


Four Piece Analog / Digital Artwork


Metal drops. The sound of gravity ignites a dark lust for adventure, multicolored rays culminating through dilated pupils fueling the raging fire inside. Manufactured hope blinds the inevitable road to ruin. Dead ends, long descents, potential chain reactions that end in rejection, a relentlessly perpetual cycle. And then a touch of fate, of luck, of hope. Lights shine brighter than a supernova, an explosion of strength propels your beaten soul skywards. And you progress. Climbing upward and onward to Elysium you reach, a discord of haloed angels impelling you on to Utopian glory. A victory so historic it will be written in the stars, spoken on the winds, read in the sands of time. Today you will not lose.