Angkor Wat

Magnificence encapsulated by hand-worked-stone

Colonnades coral the time-beaten fascia of Cambodia’s most revered treasure, the faces of all-powerful Hindu gods now weathered away leaving raw stone and scaffolding in their wake. Thousands of pale white eyes look skyward for the twenty dollar silhouette cast by a dawning sun. It’s mildly disappointing to be honest; a beautiful stone hewn building now aggressively blacked out by the harsh rays of first light. Within thirty minutes, the hordes have dispersed back to their Tuk-Tuks, ever eager to get to the next breath-taking monument before their competitors.


Hanging back, however, reveals a visual marvel. A taller sun now sheds its light over the archaic complex, colouring the once black rock. Reds and greens and oranges and browns reveal complexities in the smooth surface texture, a rainbow of hues shining from within. Angkor Wat reveals itself in its full magnificence and claims the real capital of Cambodia, if not the world.

By bjs198